Analyze the past, create the future

We understand that our expertise is tethered to our technological offerings. In that regard, we strive to partner intelligently with like-minded enterprises cognizant of the future.

Dunham's relatively short history belies it's collective presence in the graphics industry. With individual veterans closing in on their third decades of service, the synopsis of Dunham is one of trust and understanding. Experiences span the full industry range: metal decorating, offset lithography, flexography and wide format printing. Beyond that lie the individual assets of stripping, trapping, color management, color correction and photo manipulation, which expand our potential to provide you with the services you need.

By coalescing efforts with those of several corner stones of the graphics world, Dunham have established themselves as willing participants in the vision for a unified marketplace. These partnerships have proven that healthy competition need not harbor animosity.


As we continue to move forward, we are confident that we will maintain vigilance, expand intelligently and provide solutions to whatever obstacles lie ahead. We welcome your company on our journeys moving forward.